24V Tunable White 3 CCT Round Slim Panel Light

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24V Tunable White 3 Cct Round Slim Panel Light

Product Name Wattage Input Voltage Lumen CCT Fixture size Dimmable Hole Size


8W 24VDC 550Lm 3000K / 4000K / 6000K φ4.72" x 0.47" Yes Ø4.17"


12W 24VDC 800Lm 3000K / 4000K / 6000K φ6.69" x 0.47" Yes Ø6.3"
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Richee Lighting’s slim panel light utilize a die-casting aluminum alloy with a simple design. This panel light can change CCT from 3000K-6000K. It has three wires going out: one for positive, 3000K, and 6000K. You can use a CCT Tunable White controller to switch between color temperatures. Or set it to one color temperature by wiring either the 3000K or the 6000K wire to the negative of your 24VDC input wires. And you can also connect both 3000K and 6000K wires to the negative input wire for 4000K.