High Brightness COB 12V 3.6W,414LM/FT

9541-10-COB Coupling

9542-10-COB Power Input

9543-10-COB Coupling with wire

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High Brightness Cob 12V 3.6W,414Lm/Ft

Product Name Wattage Input Voltage Lumen CCT Length CRI


3.6W/Ft 12VDC 360lm 3000K 16.4ft 90>


3.6W/Ft 12VDC 360lm 3000K 100ft 90>


3.6W/Ft 12VDC 360lm 3000K 50ft 90>
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The 6474-COB series has the highest LED density we offer. It is perfect for creating a spotless effect on any of our Aluminum Channels. Also the couplings and power input accessories can fit into most of our channels. This makes it very easy to build clean linear lighting systems without any soldering. 

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