New Item! Precise Flexible LED Sheet 1' X 2' 24V

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Precise Flexible Led Sheet 1' X 2' 24V

Product Name Dimensions Wattage Input Voltage Lumen CCT


1ft x 2ft 23.5W 24VDC 2,300 lm 2700K


1ft x 2ft 23.5W 24VDC 2,350 lm 3000K


1ft x 2ft 23.5W 24VDC 2,350 lm 3500K


1ft x 2ft 23.5W 24VDC 2,470 lm 4000K


1ft x 2ft 23.5W 24VDC 2,590 lm 5000K
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The 6990-24V LED sheet series is ideal for light boxes that require a very precise light source. This sheet can be cut into units of single LEDs. Its thick PCB board and high quality SMD2835 chips will ensure constant brightness. Internal constant current for extremely long series connection without light decay. It is highly versatile, dimmable, and suitable for both lighting and accenting. Adopted XH-2Y connector easy for connection and super slim 3M double-side tape with strong adhesive. Available in a variety of  color temperatures.