New Item! Spotless Ultra Density Light 2W, 183LM/FT

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Spotless Ultra Density Light 2W, 183Lm/Ft

Product Name Wattage Input Voltage Lumen CCT Length CRI


2W/Ft 24VDC 183 lm 3000K 16.4ft 90>


2W/Ft 24VDC 183 lm 3000K 100ft 90>


2W/Ft 24VDC 183 lm 3000K 50ft 90>
  • Product Code: 6488-24V-CRI90-2W
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6488-2W is an LED strip designed for precision in low-light applications, featuring a high-density arrangement of LED chips for spotless illumination. When paired with our aluminum channels, this strip efficiently diffuses light, enhancing its spotless quality. Perfect for targeted accentuation or ambient lighting, the 6488-2W delivers impeccable, focused illumination, thanks to its high-density LED chip configuration and optimized diffusion through our aluminum channels.